Female Pelvic Health, Movement and Exercise Workshop


About the workshop: 

What is your pelvic floor and how do you access it? Do you experience pelvic pain, prolapsed organs, leaking when laughing, running, jumping or sneezing? Perhaps you’ve had a recent pregnancy or abdominal separation (diastasis recti), or are just curious about this part of the body. Maybe you have no children or are a teen and experiencing these symptoms. Join us as we learn about and explore the proper engagement of the core system (including the pelvic floor) on your back, sitting, standing, lifting and exercising. Jessica is excited to share the knowledge and practice she has compiled from innovative pelvic health courses, personal experience, and training over the years.

You’ll learn…
– Where the pelvic floor is located – we will have an actual pelvis model to look at and examine 
– Tools to help get closer to our ideal alignment
– Diaphragmatic breathing and pressure management
– How to move the pelvic floor as a coordinated system within your body
– Pelvic floor function during abdominal work, movement, and exercise
– Assessment and tools for diastasis rectus abdominis
– Exercise progressions for future practice (glutes, core team, inner and outer thighs, etc)

Join this discussion and movement practice. You’ll leave with new thinking and understanding of the pelvic floor, resources for study and pelvic floor exercises for your home practice! Bring your mat, and come dressed to move.

Date: TBD
Investment: TBD per person
Location: TBD
Limited to 10 attendees
Pre-registration is required and all payments are non-refundable.