Helpful Props:

Squat / Hip Thrust Sponge

Click Here to Order 

Resistance Bands

Latex Long Bands – Click Here to Order

Latex Mini Bands – Click Here to Order

*Mini Bands: Heavy = Blue      Extra Heavy = Black

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Latex Mini Bands Set of Four – Light, Medium, Heavy & Extra Heavy

Small Exercise Ball

Click Here to order just a ball

Click Here to order a ball with a pump

Foam Rollers

Good for laying on and rolling:

Soft Density Roller – Blue 36 inch

Soft Density Roller – Pink 36 inch

Moderate Density Roller – 36 inch

Larger Multi-density

Good for Rolling:

Compact Multi-density 

Hand Weights

3lb, 5lb, and Up

Magic Circle

 Click Here to order the type I like and use

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