Jessica is a superb Pilates instructor, and now she has a facility to match!! We started working together this summer after I retired, and it is no exaggeration to say she has changed my health and fitness completely. She applies her amazing wealth of knowledge to design fresh routines twice a week that she tailors to my body and state of fitness. Jessica has an endearing combination of being demanding and caring that keeps me focused and makes it fun. She has taught me exercises to do at home in addition to our work at Solstice.

For my Atlanta friends, if you’re looking to get fit or take yourself to the next level (and I hope you are), this is where you need to be and Jessica is the trainer to get you there. Jon


I’ve gotta say, your sessions make me feel stronger and better than anything I’ve done since I had my baby. Thanks for making me a stronger woman and mom. It’s truly made me feel like a new person! I couldn’t have targeted the deep core and abdominal layers required to properly retrain and re-engage my core, particularly so I didn’t injure myself post c-section, without Jessica’s help. I also couldn’t have fixed my pelvic floor issues without her specialized postpartum core training. Tara

Jessica is an exceptional Pilates instructor. Her classes are creative and engaging. She gives precise, targeted instruction that helps me to fully integrate my body and improve alignment and awareness. I always leave class feeling stronger and even taller!  Melissa


Jessica Cummo took this semi-reluctant student and in a short space of time made her appreciate how just a little love makes the body stronger and more flexible. Jessica’s undeterred focus on discovering the areas of my body that needed attention soon made me an unabashed fan of her teaching style. This combined with her enthusiasm and good humor made my private equipment session both productive and fun. Suffice to say it wasn’t long before I was booking privates with her weeks in advance. I can happily recommend her across the board from the Pilates novice to the qualified teacher. Kelly


My father is in his 70s and wanted to get trim, strong and flexible—but he hesitated (for years) to join group exercise classes where he felt self-conscious with so many mirrors walls and so few other men and older people in most classes.

To get my dad started, I went with him to a few different classes, and we both felt inspired by Jessica’s Pilates. Her powerful teaching embraces both beginner and advanced students, giving strong and safe challenges to everyone in the room. She offers human empathy without backing away from the edge of potential, and while miraculously engaging a complete beginner like my dad.

I gifted him a trial run of 3 individual sessions with Jessica, and he comes out glowing each time. His continuing one-to-ones with her form a baseline to keep him inspired and safe in his new fitness confidence as he also joins group classes in Pilates and yoga.

What I loved most is how strong Jessica is in communicating both the outer form of exercises and the background context and “inner form” of Pilates principles.

Jessica skillfully wove together precise guidance about the specific exercises we were doing with important transmissions on Pilates fundamentals like back-body, breath and deep alignment.

I went along with my dad for his benefit, but even though I myself was still recovering from a broken ankle, I felt completely safe in class with Jessica. And although I have been practicing yoga for decades, in Jessica’s Pilates I learned very valuable and masterfully simple practices that will stay with me for decades to come. Jaya


Jessica’s class is both fun and challenging. Having never taken a Pilates class prior to Jessica’s class, I have learned so much about proper alignment, how to engage my muscles & that even the smallest movement can have a huge impact on my workout. I feel stronger and have better range of motion. I always leave class knowing I got a great workout. Courtney


Jessica Cummo is an excellent Pilates instructor.  On every level, from her extensive knowledge of the practice, and her absolute care toward each classmate’s alignment, to her supportive and fun manner of teaching, Jessica is a pro.  I particularly appreciate that she doesn’t let our muscle memory take over by challenging us to pay attention to all aspects of what we’re doing.  She also mixes things in that are best practices in physical therapy, so you feel like you are getting the very best and healthiest instruction and leadership.  I can’t say enough about Jessica.  You come away from her class feeling strong and great! Margot